Neven Grujic was born in Serbia in 1967. Inspired by the thought that people who don’t travel end up thinking only about the values of their own society and culture and therefore they are deprived of new learnings and experiences, he went on his first big journey in 1996. Travelling has very quietly become his way of living, a certain tool in search for the meaning of life, mixed with honest communication an photographing people he met on the journeys.
Common people and reality of every day life are endless subjects of Neven’s photography.
Very often, it represents a two way process. Through the lens he observes, absorbs and tries to show, but he also learns about other people, as much as he does about himself. Neven is contributing photographer for the Serbian editions of National Geographic Magazine.
He lives and work between Serbia and India.

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Neven Grujic

Documentary and Travel Photographer
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